Lego Ergo Sum

Why books?

Well first, why not?

I’m sure there are thousands of book blogs out there. I really don’t expect a lot of readers. Mostly because I won’t be sharing the link on social media. I’m self-conscious like that. I don’t fancy myself some amazing writer (though I am a pretty amazing reader). I like to write, so I thought I would do this for me.

Reading is a big part of my life. I love books. I love every kind. Physical paper books, electronic readers, magazines, everything. It’s in my genes I guess. My mom reads every night before bed. She can’t sleep otherwise. My dad is a journalist and reads everything. My grandmothers collect books. It’s my lifelong dream to have a large library in my home. I also love to learn. So reading about things I don’t know about, or that peak my interest is fun.

I wanted to blog, so I figured I do it about something I love. Food was my first idea. But trying to describe good food with words is harder than it sounds. Books though, books are words. And describing words with words is easier. So this blog is about the books I read. Mostly fiction, fantasy, biography, and history. It’s my own critique about what I read. If I do get readers, feel free to input your own opinions.

Lego Ergo Sum: I read, therefore I am. (According to Google Translate)

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