Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Rabbit holes. Book series. No difference. Very rarely do I see or hear of a book series and think to myself, “Eh. Sounds kinda boring.” No. Most sound like a one-way trip into a fandom. I’ve been led down three such rabbit holes so far: Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Magicians. And I regret nothing. It seems I have, again, been led down a rabbit hole by Victoria Aveyard; with a tale of a world in which people are divided by the color of their blood.

Those with red blood live poor, humble lives in small villages or urban ghettos. They are powerless. Most are hungry. And those eligible are conscripted to fight in a war that is not theirs to fight. The silver-bloods live lives as nobility and royalty. They have supernatural abilities which makes them ever more powerful than their red counterparts.

The story follows Mare Barrow, a red-blooded girl who discovers that she has silver-like abilities. The silver-blooded royal family tries to pass her off as a long-lost silver princess while trying to fight a rebel group of reds, known as a the Scarlet Guard, who are trying to bring equality to a very divided world. Mare must play along to save her family and best friend, and a prince she begins to fall for.

There is one thing about Aveyard’s writing/story-telling that I can’t decide if I like. That is the speed. Everything in this book happens very fast. It’s less than four hundred pages and there is so much to take in. Lies. Betrayal. Battles. It’s a lot. The small reason I dislike it is because I think that Aveyard could have drawn our certain events a little and still kept it interesting. In other words, I think there could have easily been two books written for the events that happened in only one. The reason the speed is good is because Aveyard has already written three more books and my brain is like, “GOOD GOD WOMAN, HOW MUCH MORE HAPPENS IN THOSE THREE?!?!?!”

So I think it is safe to say I’ve made a new home in Victoria Aveyard’s rabbit hole. Now I have to wonder which parts of the books will be ruined by the movies.


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