Shadow and Bone Trilogy – Grishaverse – by Leigh Bardugo

This will be brief, because there is too much to say about this series. I could probably write an entire essay on each book, so I just wanted to do the series as a whole.

I LOVED these books. They move very quickly, which, at some times, I had a problem with, but realized that if they were slower, I probably wouldn’t like them. I just think that some back-stories could have been elaborated on. The one thing I have to praise Bardugo on is the unpredictability of the series. Sometimes I like to try and guess what is going to happen. Try to guess who certain characters are going to turn out to be. Let me tell you, I got nothing right. I did not see character developments/deaths coming. I did not see battles coming. It was extremely refreshing to not be able to pick out what’s going to happen.

This series was a breath of fresh air and I cannot wait to read Bardugo’s duologies next.

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