The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

Of all of the books that I’ve read, I cannot recall one such as this. This book, this story, has everything I could have asked for from the author. It has fantasy… magical youths in a world filled with prejudice. Mystery… a caretaker who is more than what you think he is. Humor… dry, sarcastic, witty children and a clumsy main character. Romance… one that takes it time to blossom throughout the story. Politics… unfairness in the treatment of children that happen to be different from others. Finally, family… a sense of belonging and the kind of love only family can give you.

There were points in this book where I was openly sobbing. The way Klune wrote these characters makes you feel like you grew up right alongside them. The love and loyalty the have for each other, and the love and loyalty that presents itself in Linus Baker as the story progresses is nothing short of wonderful. Klune is also very good at describing scenery. The description of the island, the ocean, the forest, the garden. Just a wonderful story all around.

Don’t you wish you were here? I know I do.

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